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GE Power (formerly known as GE Energy) is an American energy technology company, owned by General Electric. In 2018, General Electric power plants produced one-third of the world's electricity.

A former employee shared "No Safety, No job security. I have the worst experience in the GE company. Employers job terminated at the end of the day after office work hours, without giving any reason. During employment a person can be suspended for 1 week without salary, and no reasons for the suspension. I see live examples during my employment" "Everything other than learning is bad. There is ample scope of learning if you stay focussed on your job but don't expect the same to get reflected in your appraisal"

A current employee wrote in "CEO and leadership team makes money and lay-off others who really work. No one should be working for a company like this"

An anonymous intern wrote "Awful place for young people to work. The engineering plant is run by non-engineers that don't understand science and barely understand the process. Managers do not communicate with hourly employees, hourly employees do not trust the management."


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Current Employee - Senior Product Manager says

"too much bureaucracy, promotions not on performance but on who knows who"

Current Employee - Flexible Fuel says

"Multiple jobs, unsafe conditions, management doesn’t listen and so on"

Senior Software Developer says

"Management and the PMs are not truthful. There is an unwillingness to share technology so assignments can be completed on time — the details are kept from the developer as a controlling mechanism to maintain job security. Do not be fooled by those who have been theroe for 20 to 30 years who at first are friendly. They will manipulate you and ruin your assignments especially if you point out areas that are causing performance issues. The code is horrible. The better you are the worse you will be treated."

Former Employee - Lead Engineer says

"Forced ranking is alive and well at GE. This has a way of turning employees against one another rather than working together to achieve a common goal."

Former Employee - Lead Engineer says

"Executive level and above management Terrible benefits and salary now Lack of raises for years on end due to poor business leadership Poor business planning with constant 'pivots'"

Current Employee - Lead Engineer says

"The industry as a whole is on a slow death spiral. There is a minimal possibility that a domestic utility will want to construct a ABWR or ESBWR. Some teams are very overworked and stressed due to the schedule driven nature that management forces. No enough knowledge capture to the younger generation of engineers before the golden generation of nuclear engineers left the company. That along with poor documentation of old records leads to knowledge gaps that are difficult for engineers to pick up due to the "tribal knowledge" that was never captured."

Current Employee - Fabricator says

"Pay scale/ increases are not discussed clearly. Regardless of your performance it takes 3 years of service to even be considered. Starting at $19. Quarterly reviews not given on time or even at all. You have to work 10-20 hours OT to bring home a decent check."

Former Employee - Senior Instructional Designer says

"Too many to count. Terrible and lazy management, but that's what you get when you promote people who are wrench turners without an education in Adult Learning. Too many "Command and Control" minded individuals and too few Innovators, with obvious reasons why."


"Managmant was inconsistent high turnover rate for management"

Former Employee - Field Service Engineer says

"I joined GE thinking they were a long standing reputable company but they are way to fragmented internally to make any meaningful progress when it comes to internal growth and growth against competition."

MAU Temp (Former Employee) says

"They treat tge temps bad and lie about things.They pay people unfairly and discriminate. They lied about when I would be hired . They don't train you good."

Starszy ekonomista (Former Employee) says

"Okropna atmosfera. Dochodzi do rękoczynów. Mnie Trzewiczek Grzegotz uderzył w twarznie maWstrętna atmosfera"

quality assurance tech (Former Employee) says

"from the share price drop down you should evaluate the company standard,corrupted management can steal can hide double standard policies and racism,better to avoid if you are a professional."

IT Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Good for someone leaving high school that needs some money until they get a more specific job suited to a more precise skillset. The IT aspect of this job was focused on customer support, with little to no management of projects, equipment, software, security, and/or job safety."

Sr. Director (Current Employee) says

"Ceo and leadership team makes money and lay-off others who really work. No one should be working for company like this. Why do I have to write all details."

TEST FACILITY MECHANIC (Current Employee) says

"The management only cares about the company and not its employees. The workers are told on thing and management does the other. They set objectives to reach to get bonuses but the objectives are controlled by management so you usually don’t get a bonus. And the hours are very long and a lot of waiting. Your job title may be one thing and they make you do others work because they can’t keep a full staf . This is a terrible place to work. STAY AWAY"

Accounting Operations Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Hardest part of job was having shared services group relocated, and not in local office. Best part of a day was being able to let project managers know when cash for projects was received."

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"It's ok fun to work good people but bad management and machine go down maintenance not have any experience nobody no how to fix machine its really bad.20 min. Break"

General Manager (Current Employee) says

"not a healthy atmosphere..... working and surviving day to day..... Toxic leadership making bad business decisions. Would not recommend this company to anyone"

Fuel Fabrication Engineer (Former Employee) says

"PRISM is a un-utilized resource that could answer the nuclear waste issue. Keep carrying the torch GE, it will get there eventually."

Lead Tendering Manager (Former Employee) says

"The job security is vary less. GE is a company which does not value their people. Very unprofessional company. Office politics is the key of achieving success in GE."


"Management have no type of experience, company is full of interns with 6 month programs and then move on to the next job. Never get the chance to be able to believe and trust your boss. They seem to work off of a time schedule and not quality."

Former Employee (Former Employee) says

"This place is 100 lawsuits waiting to happen. I could not believe the amount of immaturity, unprofessionalism and corruption I witnessed from upper management on a day-to-day basis. This company is run by a network of good ol boys who continue to take the company down a very negative path. They have successfully cultivated a crooked culture of looking the other way when something iffy happens. Young employees are treated poorly. You are faced with the decision to put your head down and tough it out or quit. Do not expect the Human Resource department to assist with major issues either; once you address major issues involving the good ol boys you will be targeted. And in return, the company will cover their tracks by transferring the HR folks involved to another department after they have booted you out the door for being a whistleblower. RUN.... far away!Good pay.The company wants to do more with less, poor health benefits, high turnover rate, and major upper management corruption."

Lead Project Quality Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Ignorant management, broken infrastructure, total lack of ethics. I learned that you can't trust anyone in the company management. Customers and suppliers are theirs to abuse.Could wear jeans to work.Too many to mention"

Administratief medewerker (Former Employee) says

"Door economisch redenen geen werk in mijn functie, geen kans gekregen in andere functie behalve productie en niettegenstaande 100 % inzet toch ontslagen terwijl er wel interims werken in productie en vast contract kregenwoon werkverkeer trein en tram abbonnementgeen doorgroeikansen"

Process Engineering Intern (Former Employee) says

"Awful place for young people to work. Engineering plant is run by non-engineers that don't understand the science and barely understand the process. Managers do not communicate to hourly employees, hourly employees do not trust the management. AVOID!genuinely nice hourly workers that work hard for a soulless corporationterrible location, awful management, low morale"

Cnc eszt. (Former Employee) says

"Biztosnak mondható munkahely.Biztos fizetés kifizetés...De...sok a szabály,a középvezetők képzetlenek,és ennek ellenére(vagy ezért)arrogánsak.A HR csak a munkáltatói oldalt nézi,épp ezért a munkavállalók elnyomásban vannak."Fönt" lenézik a szakmunkás embereket.Diszkrimináció van,méghozzá SÚLYOS.NegatìvSzintén negatìv."

Senior Draftsman (Former Employee) says

"The Management didn't have a clue what they are doing or what the product was or is. AND STILL DON'T. They layoff the people who know what they are doing and keep ones that don't.Great PayLazy management"

GE -TEST TECHNICIAN contract (Former Employee) says

"Ge Markham doesn’t looks for qualified people to hire. Easy to work . Most of the employees just relaxing.. contractors are hard working. Managers are not qualified. Hiring process is not transparent. Too much politics.. lots of opportunities.. but they don’t hire qualified people.. it’s like an Indian company. hiring manager just obey plant manager.."

Lab Technician (Former Employee) says

"GE followed its longtime strategy of treating its employees as expendable cogs and it showed. I watched so many people attempt to work their way up the ladder and be given the eternal "We'll talk about it later" speech by management who would then turn around and fill positions with outside talent. There was no chance to grow or advance."